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Why choose us?

JSC are electrical contractors, serving multiple commercial sectors, including the rail industry, retail, healthcare, education, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. We pride ourselves on safety, value and reliability, through honest, transparent communication.

Established in 1990, our specialist electrical team expedite projects of every size and scale. We offer: Design, Installation, Maintenance, Commissioning and Testing.

Kings Cross
JSC Project Value £600K

JSC Project Value £900K

JSC Project Value £1.2 Million

  • Track & Trace
  • Containment
  • Small Power & Distribution
  • Strip Out Old Services
  • Circadian Lighting Systems
  • Tempory Works
  • Fire & PA System
  • Gates & Access Control
  • Renewable Energy & Resources

Key Management Systems

  • Passenger Experience & Interface
  • Risk Log & Assessments
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Constructability & Workability Workshops


Projects of significant importance that JSC have had the pleasure of being responsible for within the Rail industry, include but not limited to Nottingham, Leeds and Kings Cross Railway Stations. These projects covered multi aspects of mechanical and electrical elements showcasing JSC’s capabilities of high quality workmanship & consistent technical WorkScope. These areas have been recognised by major bodies and subsequently awarded notoriety for their levels of high quality craftsmanship. We consistently demonstrate innovation and expansion of our offerings to clients.

Stage 1

Grip 1-4 design & grip 4-8 design.

We worked along side the client and builders in design workshops & risk workshops in the early feasibility stages which reduced review times and DPE comments later in the project. These workshops where focused around constructibility, we were able to identify what worked before it was designed and this increased the design and installation program hugely. This process continued through grip 4-8 as the work was installed and built we where attending all workshops in design until the project was complete.

Finally we also participated in lessons learnt workshops on completion of the projects.

Project engagement, beginning with onsite mobilisation and welfare setup. Identification of existing services and O&M relating to discipline of works, tag and trace and engagement with major design houses. Co-ordination with onsite contractors and main contractor to gain a comprehensive depth and knowledge of sites and proposed requirements.

Stage 2

Removal of services, relating to the M&E discipline to produce a clean and safe environment for new installation works. This simple but effective stage reduces historic installations being left in situ causing future safety and compliance concerns.

Stage 3

Installation of multi tiered containment systems, ladder, tray, trunking and conduits installed from plan and Revit models. Complex containment systems often unseen however installed to a standard that would make them suitable for architectural prowess. Overriding visual glory, these systems were installed to ensure compliance to the associated IEE and Fire regulations.

Stage 4

Single & Three Phase distribution installations, metered Distribution Boards and Surge Protection devices. Sub mains installed ranging from 25mm SWA through to 300mm SWA, utilising cable installation methods including crews and mechanical aids. Fully compliant installations on these projects and inspected by NICEIC assessors.

Stage 5

Small power and lighting installations of varying degrees. Small power including AC supplies, mechanical ventilation, BMS and dado trunking are a few examples of the type of installations included in these projects. Specialist lighting installations ranging from DALI controlled to Tuneable Circadian Rhythm lighting designed and installed to custom fit the projects. Two out of three of these projects were recognised by the Institute of Lighting Professionals. We worked closely to install Gatelines, Access control, PA and FA services across all three projects.

Stage 6

Testing, verification and commissioning across all of these projects was completed to a high standard. Validated by our governing body the NICEIC which demonstrates our impeccable records. Certification production on a digital level and O&Ms completed successfully and within the parameters allowed. Handover of these projects was seamless for all parties involved, main contractor and client.